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Default Quest/Screenshot Contest of September!

Quest/Screenshot Contest of September!

To all explorers: We would like to update our Quest Logs, so for those who love doing quests, and know them like the back of your hand, this part of the contest is for you!

What do you need to do?
If you find a quest that needs to be written or an old quest that needs to be updated, tell us the name and start writing up a quest spoiler for it! We would like to see details in the spoiler so it could really help other players. Pictures, maps, charts, etc. are highly recommended to use. It could help describe the quest more easily, we don't only want to see words. We would also like to see the chats between the character and NPC (this should be written no screenshot needed so just copy and paste the NPC chat log).

Checklist to help with what details we look for specifically: (does not need all.. but the more the better!)
1) Name of Quest
2) Items required in the Quest
3) Monsters faced in the Quest
4) Rewards gained from the Quest
5) Amount of time it would take to complete the Quest
6) Quests that are required to do the Quest
7) Maps (screenshots of mapper/mini-map)
8) Screenshots throughout the Quest to help guide
9) Chat logs of NPCs that are needed to be spoken to during the Quest
10) Charts if needed to organize lists (depending on the Quest)
11) Videos if possible to help guide, as a backup (again not needed but would be nice)

1st Place: 2 TibiaTunnel Codes + 1 Premium Scroll
2nd Place: 2 TibiaTunnel Codes
3rd Place: 1 TibiaTunnel Code
4th Place: 1 TibiaTunnel Code

How will it be judged?
It will go from the most well written quest that includes lots of details, pictures, maps, etc. to the least detailed quest.

Since for now we will have this as a possible monthly competition, if you make a submission and it does not get chosen as a winner, you may edit it up a bit and resubmit it for the next month. But remember, it has to be YOUR submission only! It can NOT be someone else's submission that you will resubmit. We might not always have this contest, but don't worry we will announce if we decide to not make this contest active for the following month.

To all Tibian photographers: We would like to update our creature and boss pages, so for those who love taking screenshots, this part of the contest is for you!

What do you need to do?
If you see a boss in game, please take a screenshot with it and then post it here. Seems simple right? Well it's not going to be that easy! When you are taking the screenshot, your Tibia client must not be stretchable, meaning you must go to Options > Graphics > Advanced > check the box which says "Don't Stretch/Shrink Game Window". Only screenshots that are with this setting will be accepted.

1st Place: 1 TibiaTunnel Code
2nd Place: 1 TibiaTunnel Code
3rd Place: 1 TibiaTunnel Code
4th Place: 1 TibiaTunnel Code
5th Place: 1 TibiaTunnel Code

How will it be judged?
This one will be a lottery, in which we will be using All who post screenshots that are not stretched game window will be entered into the lottery.

Here is an example of how the picture would look on its page, so you can get an idea of which way would be best to take your screenshot:

Good luck to all!

-TibiaML Staff

List of Monster and quests in the next post

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