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You can keep the post. Great event and great report .
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Updated my documentation.
Pay It Forward! Make Tibia a Better Place
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Default [~Event~] Where I am?

Event Name: Where I am?
World: Libera
Host: Ardilla Selassie
Hours of Event : aprox. 3 hrs ( 2Hrs.34Min)

Main Thread: http://forum.tibia.com/forum/?action...readid=3413246
Libera Thread: http://forum.tibia.com/forum/?action...readid=3413245

Date and Time: Sunday 12th, 14 hours after server save.
Start zone: Thais Depot.
Premium Account required: No

Added to the event board:

Added to TibiaNews.Net:
Link: http://www.tibianews.net/component/content/article/1763

This event is very simple and straight forward. It is mostly like a scavenger hunt where the participants are given riddles which they have to solve in order to win a prize and answer questions correctly. This event will consist of only 5 Stages and the participants with the 3 highest points accumulated will receive a reward.

The participants must find out the place I will be hiding by solving a few riddles depending on the location of my hideout. Once I am found, the participants must answer a question correctly in order to receive points and proceed.


1st: Heart Backpack or Jewelled Backpack + Baby Sea Doll + Ruby Necklace + Special Bag.
2nd: Heart Backpack or Jewelled Backpack + Crystal Wand + Stuffed Dragon + 100 assassin stars + Special Bag.
3rd: Demon Backpack + Beetle Necklace (speed +2) + a bar of chocolate + 10 Candies + Special Bag.

* Note: The first placed will be able to choose between the Heart Backpack and Jewelled Backpack. The second placed will receive the item not chosen by the first placed. If the winner, chooses the Heart Backpack, the second placed will get the Jewelled Backpack.
*Special Bag: contains 3 Fireworks Rockets.
*You can get the Achievement Rocket in Pocket.
*Rocket in Pocket: Obtainable by using 3 Fireworks Rockets in your backpack.

The players had to walk to the following cities: The starting city was Thais, The first stage was held at Carlin, The second stage was held at Vega so that the players would head north-west from Carlin, the third stage consisted on getting to the entrance to the Black Knight quest so that the players would follow the path to Venore to the south-east. After that the fourth stage the players had to find the hidden player in the Dark Cathedral area and for the last stage the players had to head back to Thais and visit Bozo, the clown at Thais King’s Castle.

Players were given access to a Ventrilo server so that they could share ideas among other comments. (all this by following the event rules).

During the event, I received help from some of my friends and guild mates, some of them were guards at the boats in each city and in the locations of the magic carpets in order to check that none of the participants would cheat, and some other were placed at the target locations for each of the stages.


Pictures of the boat and carpet guards:

Guard of Thais Boat:

Guard of Venore Boat:

Guard of Carlin Boat:

Guard of Carpet:

Host Helper [TibiaCast]

Picture of the Stages:

Correct Answer published:

First Stage:

Second Stage:

Third Stage:

Fourth Stage:

Fifth Stage:

Score and Winners:

Pictures of the Award Ceremony:

First Place: Siegfried of Valhalla

Second Place: Sak Qu

Third Place: Skipper Zain

Ospe almost third place.

Fun Stuff:

In one of the stages in which the players had to get to the entrance of the Black Knight quest, one of the players locked in some of the other players so that they could not proceed to the next stages. I must confess that the act was a little harsh, but very clever from this player. It was very funny to hear the participants laugh about this matter and asking the other player to open the door, given that they all were logged in ventrilo. Although this clever player bought some time for himself, the host helper opened the door for the locked players.

[and the player was : Siegfried of Valhalla ]

Another great experience was to see and hear that he players were having fun trying to solve the riddles and get to the target destinations. Among a few laughs and some moments of desperation most of the players were able to solve the riddles and get to the target locations on each stage. I was very excited to hear them having fun.

Things that needed some work:

Some of the participants did not know English very well, so they had a disadvantage against those of who did know it better. For this reason I decided to read the questions in Spanish to those that needed it since my native language is Spanish. Of course, some of the participants were from Mexico and from I could hear they knew each others. So I asked the participants if it was ok for me to translate the question for the players that did not know English, and they agreed it was fair.

P.D: not all stages were translated to Spanish.

I was surprised to see the amount of players that participated in my event, I honestly did not expect that many because Liberans are not used to this kind of events. I am very happy to be one of the few players that actually worry about the social aspect of this game and not to focus only on hunting, getting levels and getting gps. I tried to do something different and I am glad it worked for the best. With this I hope for some other players to rise and do the same as I did for a better game community.

I hope everyone enjoyed the event, Thanks.

for tibiaml

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I won't describe whole thing here, cause it may be taken from my offcial threads on tibia.com and it's pointless to repeat the info.


First of all I didn't make many screenshots, cause everything took place in one room and it would be monotonic to watch too many pretty the same screenshots .

Also I wanted only to show you (cause unfortunately you wasn't there to experience it on yourself) how it looked like, cause maybe it was a little bit confusing while reading but the idea was pretty simple and noone got problems with understanding it after just one hand played.

For every table played I prepared 400 hands sets (randomized by cpp program which i've personally have written) and cards were organised like this:

i've learned to deal cards quite fast, cause even when dealer told me to get for players hand set number 267, i had just to divide it by 20 and fro mthat i knew that in this example it would be 267 = 13 * 20 + 7, so i had to open 14th bp (not 13th, cause it ment for me that i must skip 13) and then 7th one, pretty simpel and fast huh?

single card looked like this:

cards were sealed, cause they were already sent before certain round took place, first number before round ment number of hands set and second one hand number in it

example of betting

how it looked like

last moment, giving the prizes

Additional info:
-i had also controlled all chip stacks with other program i've written and had opened on my laptop (i led the tournament from my PC) and it helped me a little with keeping track of it and avoid cheating from players, but gladly noone tried to play dirty and i'm grateful for it
-around 4,500 hands played
-i've spent 41,6k to make those cards :P
-over 35h played
-final table won 600k, BUT! one guy messaged me on forum that he would like to donate 400k to the winning pool and i will contact him in few days and pass the cash to the winners
-thread on my board has over 6,000 views, which means quite huge interest in it
-event was advertised in example here http://tibianews.net/component/conte...ker-event.html and
http://dev.tibiacity.org/p/334/first...ries_of_poker/, but i left info on other fansites too
-by organising it i made new friends from all over tibia, and that's the most important thing here

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The winners have been announced on the Event Board thread, here!
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Thanks a lot for the event and congratulations to the rest!

I didn't know where to post about the prize we picked but i've posted it on the events board and ill post it here also just in case..

About prize i'd like the Teddy bear + stuff
World: Refugia
City: Edron
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Congratulations! Nice event too Green-dragon.
Made by Mounthrize.

[Darly] [Level 82 MS/ML 60] [Trimera]
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Thanks for hosting a great event. Even though we didn't win, we still had lots of fun - albeit it was a bit frustrating at times. >.> Looking forward to the next TibiaML contest!
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