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Default Testserver, winter update 2015 (spoiler warning)

Testserver-screenshots for winter update will be posted here. Feel free to add screenshots
Sharing is caring! Happy testing!

The following 10 images are from a new questline that starts in the north-eastern corner of the Darashian village at the NPC Mazarius (a one-time donation of 30 demonic essences are needed to be able to enter the teleport in his basement). The monsters in this dungeon are hellish and can be compared to monsters in warzone or Roshamuul in strength (maybe even stronger).

Inside the dungeon there are many mysterious places connected to the questline:

Annihilator-like platform where only 5 players can enter at once:

And here's where you end up:

You are supposed to slay "The Fettered Shatterer" before you can leave the dungeon at the north teleport. Our team couldn't figure out how to reach him, though

This picture shows 3 types of fire-resistant armors that can be crafted at NPC Cledwyn at the Adventurerer's guild for 100 silver tokens (they are dropped by minions of the new Ferumbras).
Armors can be enchanted for all four elements: fire, ice, earth and energy. The melee and distance versions all have the same values.
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The new island city Krailos. Seems to be good for levels 50-100. The island is huge, and there are caves with undead gladiators/nightmare scions, wailing widows/brimstone bugs etc. The island offers daily tasks either for the goblin side or for the ogre side. There's also a questline for access to the depot below the ground in Larek's basement.

The Shatterer once again, this time we figured out how to set him free (there are 4 levers, 1 in each direction (north, south, east, west). Easy to kill.

This is where you eventually end up efter killing The Shatterer. At the main boss Razzagorn. It killed our entire team in less than 10 seconds. It is very fast and paralyzes a lot.

On the way to Pumin's seal (boss Tarbaz).

More from Tarbaz' dungeon:

The dungeon is full of humour:

You eventually end up in a really cool place where you have to solve a riddle (you have to click on 2 objects (1 sign, 1 wall), pull a lever, use a flute on your spirit animal 5x times, set fire with a firebug to 8 basins and then talk to the NPC "..."):

We didn't manage to reach Tarbaz in the end since we were only 3 players left, but if you want to see a video of Tarbaz getting killed, here's one: /watch?v=Ty3lPb7-raw.

On the way to Ashfalor (boss Ragiaz):

On the way there you have to pick up grave flowers, vampire teeth, bones and a special ring (which is dugged out near a grave with a shovel). You also have to get the Rite of Eternal Night-document inside a coffin, in a hole, on the way there.

The 4 objects (grave flower, bones, vampire teeth and special ring) is then sacrificed into the blood well. If you brought your own vampire teeth/bones/grave flowers (not gained from inside the cave) a message will appear that those items are false:

When you are done sacrificing, you just click on the sacred statue in the north-west to douse out the flame. Then you recite the Rite of Eternal Night near the blood well, and you gain access to the portal in the north:

And here's Ragiaz. The boss itself has weak attack power but will heal fully after turning into a bone pile. It spawns with 5 "death dragons" (undead dragons) that will respawn upon being killed, which is why my team is dead. The dragons are lured to the south and therefore can't be seen in this screenshot:
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