Blue Djinn Quest

This guide will help you to complete the Blue Djinn Quest on Tibia.

Level Required
Maximum Level
Premium Only?
Long (> 2 hours)
Gemmed Lamp and the possibility to trade items with the Blue Djinns.
Required Items
Cheese 1
Amazon, Bear, Cobra, Dragon, Efreet, Gargoyle, Green Djinn, Hyaena, Orc, Orc Berserker, Orc Leader, Orc Rider, Orc Shaman, Orc Spearman, Orc Warlord, Orc Warrior, Scorpion, Slime, Stalker, Stone Golem, Valkyrie, Wyvern
You can only choose one side of the war between Green and Blue djinns on each character so make sure you choose the right side. Remember to bring a dwarven ring!
The word of greeting

This part of the quest does not yet require a lvl requirement. You need to find Melchior in Ankrahmun.


He can walk anywhere in this city, the smartest thing to do is to ask him for the word of greeting the first time you see, him, even if you are only lvl 8, it will save you a long search for him when you actually plan to do the quest.

You: Hi
Melchior: Greetings, player. I do not see your face, but I can read a thousand things in your voice!
You: Word of Greeting
Melchior: The djinns have an ancient code of honour. This code includes a special concept of hospitality. Anybody who utters the word of greeting must not be attacked even if he is an enemy. Well, at least that is what the code says. ...
Melchior: I have found out, though, that this does not work at all times. There is no point to say the word of greeting to an enraged djinn. ...
Melchior: I can tell you the word of greeting if you're interested. It is DJANNI'HAH. Remember this word well, stranger. It might save your life one day. ...
Melchior: And keep in mind that you must choose sides in this conflict. You can only follow the Efreet or the Marid - once you have made your choice there is no way back. I know from experience that djinn do not tolerate double-crossing.
You: Bye
Melchior: Farewell, stranger. May Uman the Wise guide your steps in this treacherous land.

Now you are ready to set your first steps into Kha'Zheel(the Blue Djinn Tower).

Joining the Marid
Follow these maps to Kha'Zheel, you need lvl 30 to enter.


Here's the location of the Blue Djinn Tower (possibly Stone Golems on the way):


Now go passed the lvl 30 door and say the word of greeting to Umar.

Umar: Whoa? You know the word! Amazing, Player! ...
Umar: I should go and tell Fa'hradin. ...
Umar: Well. Why are you here anyway, Player?
You: Join
Umar: Are you sure? You pledge loyalty to king Gabel, who is... you know. And you are willing to never ever set foot on Efreets' territory, unless you want to kill them? Yes?
You: Yes
Umar: Oh. Ok. Welcome then. You may pass. ...
Umar: And don't forget to kill some Efreets, now and then.
You: Bye
Umar: Aaaa -tention!.

The Dwarvish Cookbook

Now you can pass the blinky door near Umar, do this and go up the stairs and look for Bo'ques, he is a blue djinn cook. Ask him for a mission.

You: Hi
Bo'Ques: Hey! A human! What are you doing in my kitchen, "You"?
You: Mission
Bo'Ques: My collection of recipes is almost complete. There are only but a few that are missing. ...
Bo'Ques: Hmmm... now that we talk about it. There is something you could help me with. Are you interested?
You: Yes
Bo'Ques: Fine! Even though I know so many recipes, I'm looking for the description of some dwarven meals. ...
Bo'Ques: So, if you could bring me a cookbook of the dwarven kitchen I will reward you well.
You: Bye
Bo'Ques: Goodbye. I am sure you will come back for more. They all do.

Now you must go to Kazordoon and buy a cookbook from Maryza in the Kazordoon kitchen.(NOTE: You could have also bought this cookbook before even starting this misison.)

You can find Maryza here:


Talk with Maryza like this:
You: Hi Maryza
Maryza: Hello there!
You: Cookbook
Maryza: Would you like to buy a cookbook for 150 gold?
You: Yes
Maryza: Here you go.
You: Bye
Maryza: Goodbye "You".

Now go back to Bo'ques and hand in the book.

You: Hi
Bo'Ques: Hey! A human! What are you doing in my kitchen, You"?
You: Cookbook
Bo'Ques: Do you have the cookbook of the dwarven kitchen with you? Can I have it?
You: Yes
Bo'Ques: The book! You have it! Let me see! ...
Bo'Ques: Dragon Egg Omelette, Dwarven beer sauce... it's all there. This is great! Here is your well-deserved reward. ...
Bo'Ques: Incidentally, I have talked to Fa'hradin about you during dinner. I think he might have some work for you. Why don't you talk to him about it?
You: Bye
Bo'Ques: Goodbye. I am sure you will come back for more. They all do.

The Spy Report

The next mission you will get from Fa'hradin, he is on the balcony on the same floor as Bo'Ques.

Talk with him like this:
You: Hi
Fa'hradin: Aaaah... what have we here. A human - interesting. And such an ugly specimen, too... All right, human player. How can I help you?
You: Mission
Fa'hradin: I have heard some good things about you from Bo'ques. But I don't know. ...
Fa'hradin: Well, all right. I do have a job for you. ...
Fa'hradin: In order to stay informed about our enemy's doings, we have managed to plant a spy in Mal'ouquah. ...
Fa'hradin: He has kept the Efreet and Malor under surveillance for quite some time. ...
Fa'hradin: But unfortunately, I have lost contact with him months ago. ...
Fa'hradin: I do not fear for his safety because his cover is foolproof, but I cannot contact him either. This is where you come in. ...
Fa'hradin: I need you to infiltrate Mal'ouqhah, contact our man there and get his latest spyreport. The password is PIEDPIPER. Remember it well! ...
Fa'hradin: I do not have to add that this is a dangerous mission, do I? If you are discovered expect to be attacked! So goodluck, human! Fa'hradin: Farewell, human.

This is your first trip to the Green Djinn Tower, take your dwarf ring and your cheese and follow the following maps to the tower.



On this road are several Hyeana's, Cobra's, Scorpions, Lions and 1 Wyvern

The first floor has several Hyeana's and 1 Green Djinn.


Kill the djinn and hyeana's and take the stairs that lead downwards, on this floor are 3 Green Djinns and some Scorpions.


Once you killed these, go north and you will find Rata'Mari, use to password to greet him.

Talk with him like this:
Rata'mari: Meep? I mean - hello! Sorry, Player... Being a rat has kind of grown on me.
You: Spy Report
Rata'mari: You have come for the report? Great! I have been working hard on it during the last months. And nobody came to pick it up. I thought everybody had forgotten about me! ...
Rata'mari: Do you have any idea how difficult it is to hold a pen when you have claws instead of hands? ...
Rata'mari: But - you know - now I have worked so hard on this report I somehow don't want to part with it. Atleast not without some decent payment. ...
Rata'mari: All right - listen - I know Fa'hradin would not approve of this, but I can't help it. I need some cheese! I need it now! ...
Rata'mari: And I will not give the report to you until you get me some! Meep!
You: Cheese
Rata'mari: Ok, have you brought me the cheese, I've asked for?
You: Yes
Rata'mari: Meep! Meep! Great! Here is the spyreport for you!

Go back to the Blue Djinn Tower and report at Fa'Hradin about your mission.

You: Hi
Fa'Hradin: Aaaah... what have we here. A human - interesting. And such an ugly specimen, too... All right, human player. How can I help you?
You: Mission
Fa'Hradin: Did you already retrieve the spyreport?
You: Yes
Fa'Hradin: You really have made it? You have the report? How come you did not get slaughtered? I must say I'm impressed. Your race will never cease to surprise me. ...
Fa'Hradin: Well, let's see. ...
Fa'Hradin: I think I need to talk to Gabel about this. I am sure he will know what to do. Perhaps you should have aword with him, too.
You: Bye
Fa'Hradin: Farewell, human. I will always remember you. Unless I forget you, of course.

Exchanging the Djinn Leader's Sleeping Lamp

Go up all the stairs till the highest floor, there you will find Gabel, greet him and he will tell you about your new mission.

You: Hi
Gabel: Welcome, human Player, to our humble abode. Player: Mission
Gabel: Sooo. Fa'hradin has told me about your extraordinary exploit, and I must say I am impressed. ...
Gabel: Your fragile human form belies your courage and your fighting spirit. ...
Gabel: I hardly dare to ask you because you have already done so much for us, but there is a task to be done, and I cannot think of anybody else who would be better suited to fulfill it than you. ...
Gabel: Think carefully, human, for this mission will bring you into real danger. Are you prepared to do us that final favour?
You: Yes
Gabel: All right. Listen! Thanks to Rata'mari's report we now know what Malor is up to: he wants to do to me what I have done to him - he wants to imprison me in Fa'hradin's lamp! ...
Gabel: Of course, that won't happen. Now, we know his plans. ...
Gabel: But I am aiming at something different. We have learnt one important thing: At this point of time, Malor does not have the lamp yet, which means it is still where he left it. We need that lamp! If we get it back we can imprison him again! ...
Gabel: From all we know the lamp is still in the Orc King's possession! Therefore I want to ask you to enter thewell guarded halls over at Ulderek's Rock and find the lamp. ...
Gabel: Once you have acquired the lamp you must enter Mal'ouquah again. Sneak into Malor's personal chambersand exchange his sleeping lamp with Fa'hradin's lamp! ...
Gabel: If you succeed, the war could be over one night later! I and all djinn will be in your debt forever! May Daraman watch over you!
You: Bye
Gabel: Farewell, stranger. May Uman open your minds and your hearts to Daraman's wisdom!

You must now visit the Orc King, if you haven't done the Orc Fortress Quest yet, you can simply combine these 2 quests together. Here you will need lvl 40, you can do all other missions before you get lvl 40.

Follow these maps to the Orc Fortress.


On the way you can encounter Bears, Bugs, Amazons, Valkyries, Orcs, Orc Warriors, Orc Shamans, Snakes, Orc Berserks, Orc Spearmen and Ord Leaders.

Go in the fortress, there is 1 Orc Berserker up the stairs and several orcs and orc warriors.


Then go down the stairs again, this place is packed with Orc Berskers and other Orcs, kill these and follow the next map.


Down the stairs are several Orc Warriors, follow the map


The first few rooms are filled with Orc Berserks, Leaders and Shamans, the big room filled with trees has 1 Beholder and some Shamans inside, the room after that has 3 Orc Warlords inside, lure them 1 by one to the tree room and kill them there, the next room has some Orc Berserkers and Leaders, and perhaps 1 Orc Warlord.

Do not go down the stairs in this room unprepared! There are many orcs down here and a Dragon.


Not even everything that is down these stairs is shown in this picture.

Follow the next map, there are 2 Orc Berserks on the first halve of the way.


The other halve of the way is behind the lvl 40 door.


Lure the Orc's from the quest room 1 by one and kill them at the lvl door. Once all is killed go up in the room, if you havent done yet, take the loot from the Orc Fortress quest.

Prepare to say hi to the king, the best way is to say hi and then run back to the lvl door and lure the creatures 1 by one.

Here you can see what the Orc King summons.


Once you killed them go back to the Orc King and talk with him again, this time he wont summon orcs.

You: Hi
The Orc King: Harrrrk! You think you are strong now? You shall never escape my wrath! I am immortal!
You: Lamp
The Orc King: I can sense your evil intentions to imprison a djinn! You are longing for the lamp, which I still possess. ...
The Orc King: Who do you want to trap in this cursed lamp?
You: Malor
The Orc King: I was waiting for this day! Take the lamp and let Malor feel my wrath!
You: Bye
The Orc King: We will meet again.

Now leave the Orc Fortress, there is probably respawn, so go slowly and be prepared. Once you left, go to the Green Djinn fortress, and this time you need to go up all the stairs.

There are 6 floors, here are the spawns in these rooms.

First floor (1 Green Djinn, several Hyeana's).


Second floor (2 Green Djinns, 3 Gargoyle's).


Third floor (1 Efreet, 2 Green Djinns, 2 Stalkers, 4 Gargoyle's).


Fourth floor (1 Efreet, 3 Green Djinns, 2 Stalkers, 3 Gargoyle's).


Fifth floor (3 Efreet, 2 Green Djinns, 2 Gargoyle's, 2 Stalkers).


Sixth floor (3 Efreet in first part, behind the blinky door another 2 Efreet)


NOTE: there are probably more green djinns then said in the description, because each Efreet can summon up to 3 Green Djinns.

Kill all the floors, and when you arrived at the final floor, use your Gemmed Lamp from the Orc King on the one in the last room.


If you did correct, red sparks will appear and the Djinn Leader's sleeping lamp will fall on the floor. Pick it up, this is your quest loot.

Now go back to Gabel, there is probably respawn so take care. When you arrived back at Gabel, talk with him like this:

You: Hi
Gabel: Welcome, human Player, to our humble abode.
You: Mission
Gabel: Have you found Fa'hradin's lamp and placed it in Malor's personal chambers?
You: Yes
Gabel: Daraman shall bless you and all humans! You have done us all a huge service! Soon, this awful war will be over! ...
Gabel: Know, that from now on you are considered one of us and are welcome to trade with Haroun and Nah'bob whenever you want to!
Gabel: Farewell, stranger. May Uman open your minds and your hearts to Daraman's wisdom!
You: Bye
Gabel: Farewell, stranger. May Uman open your minds and your hearts to Daraman's wisdom!

Enjoy your loot!