Turmoil of War

This guide will help you to complete the Turmoil of War on Tibia.

Level Required
Maximum Level
Premium Only?
Long (> 2 hours)
Ability to kill The Horned Fox once.
Minotaur, Minotaur Archer, Minotaur Guard, Minotaur Mage, The Horned Fox

To outfox a fox

In order to start this hunting task you will have to have completed this part of the Tibia Tales quest, you can find a guide for it here.

Turmoil of War

Go to Budrik in west of Kazordoon, you can find him in this dwarven mine.


Ask him for a hunting task.

You: Hi
Budrik: Hiho, hiho Your
You: Hunting task
Budrik: I am so angry I could spit grit! That damn Horned Fox and his attacks! Let's show those bull-heads that they have messed with the wrong people. ...
Budrik: I want you to kill 5000 minotaurs - no matter where - for me and all the dwarfs of Kazordoon! Are you willing to do that?
You: Yes
Budrik: Hussah! Let's bring war to those hoof-legged, dirt-necked, bull-headed minotaurs!! Come back to me when you are done with your mission.
You: Bye

You will have to kill a total of 5000 minotaurs of any kind.

Minotaurs can be found in the following locations:
  • Mintwalin (Recommended)
  • Yalahar Foreigner Quarter (Recommended)
  • Alawar's vault (Recommended)
  • Black Minotaur Pyramid (Recommended)
  • Kazordoon Minotaur Tower & caves (Recommended)
  • Plains of Havoc (Not Recommended)
  • Elvenbane (Not Recommended)

and several more 1x spawns that aren't worth mentioning.

Once you have killed the 5000 minotaurs go back to Budrik.

You: Hi
Budrik: Hiho, hiho You
You: Task
You: bye

Now go to the minotaur cave near Budrik, the entrance can be found here, go down twice.


Now you'll see the teleport, go in, you will have 10 minutes to kill the Horned Fox, it should be more then enough.

Horned fox tp

Horned fox 10 mins

Go south in the room, here you'll find the Horned Fox, kill him and take his loot.

Nose Ring

Enjoy your loot!